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If you are reading this on Wikimedia servers, please note that we have rate limited downloaders and we are capping the number of per-ip connections to 2. This will help to ensure that everyone can access the files with reasonable download times. Clients that try to evade these limits may be blocked. Our mirror sites do not.

Kiwix is a free app that allows you to search and read Wikipedia without an Internet connection. Available for Android, iOS, Windows, macOS and Linux.

The official Wikipedia Android app is designed to help you find, discover, and explore knowledge on Wikipedia. Settle a bet with a friend by doing a quick search through the app, or dive into featured articles, images, recommended articles, and more using the Explore feed. With more than 39 million articles in nearly

With 51,+ medical articles, Wikimed is the largest and most comprehensive collection of health-related articles available. It includes content on diseases, medications, anatomy, and sanitation. As an encyclopedic medical dictionary, Wikimed is perfect for practicing physicians, as well as medicine and other healthcare.

4 Dec For general questions about MediaWiki see the communication page or ask at the support desk. About this site | About MediaWiki | Download | Help and support | Contribute. Using MediaWiki. Crystal Clear app hand-massage.ru · What is a wiki? Learn how to navigate; Learn how to edit a page; Get more help.

Translate this page; This page contains changes which are not marked for translation. Because MediaWiki is licensed free of charge, there is no warranty, to the extent permitted by applicable law. Read the Active MediaWiki developers should instead download from Git to get the latest version of the MediaWiki software.

These dumps can be found at hand-massage.ru The RDF mapping used by the Wikidata Toolkit is described in the paper Introducing Wikidata to the Linked Data Web. The complete dumps together contain all entity information in Wikidata with the exception of order (of aliases, of statements, etc.) .

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You can now download the Wikipedia corpus for offline use. More information This corpus contains the full text of Wikipedia, and it contains billion words in more than million articles. But this corpus allows you to search Wikipedia in a much more powerful way than is possible with the standard interface. You can.

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